• April 24, 2020


The Bishop of the Diocese of Ife, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, the Rt. Rev’d Olubunmi Akinlade has proffered the solution to living a purposeful life on earth.

Bishop Akinlade made this known during a Church service at the Cathedral Church of St. Philip, Ile-Ife, in Osun state. The Bishop asserted that it is only by surrendering to the author of life Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, that one would find true meaning in life.

He observed that oftentimes individuals look for meaning in life, where it cannot be found; explaining that good education, great spouse or children, financial success are all great achievements, but they would pass away.

He said, “Jesus is life Himself. Therefore, you cannot find life anywhere else.”

The Bishop of Ife Anglican Diocese pointed out that when a person follows Jesus, that person would have hope even in death. Thus, he urged all to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ; because according to him, being good or living a moral life would only lead to frustration and eventual death.

Being the first Sunday after Easter, Bishop Akinlade narrated the story of the women who sort for Jesus Christ in the tomb when He had already risen; noting that the women were looking for the wrong thing, in the wrong place- a living God among the dead.

He emphasized that Christians are serving a living God, not a dead one; because Jesus Christ is alive. The Bishop argued that many preferred a dead god, because it would never interfere with the way they lived their lives. He however added that while this may seem good based on the world’s standards, a dead god could never lift one’s spirit or hear one’s prayers. According to him, a dead god could never give a person the hope of resurrection.

The preacher enjoined Christians to stop repeating the error of the women who went to look for a God who is living among the dead; stating that Jesus Christ is a living God and because He lives, believers can face tomorrow. He remarked that when a person surrendered life’s challenges to Jesus, He would grant that person peace and the ability to cope even in the midst of problems.

The Rt. Rev’d Olubunmi Akinlade acknowledged the importance of the mass media during this period of lockdown, calling on the Church to embrace this tool of communication for the propagation of the gospel. He divulged that the need for social distancing has changed the way people communicate worldwide and therefore, it has also affected the way ministry is being done. Nevertheless, he noted that no matter what happens, the gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached.

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