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The Decade of the Reign of God

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As required by the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria [Anglican Communion] 1997 [as Amended] Archbishop Henry Chukwudum Ndukuba was Presented as the 5th Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of the Church of Nigeria on the 25th March 2020. By the leading of God, it was declared as “The Decade of God’s Reign” [Isaiah 52:7-10]. The world and our generation are turning against God, His Righteousness and Kingdom. Daily we are seeing world government policies are anti-Christ and against the Word of God. The modern Babylon and its ungodly harlotry are being promoted by the systems; homosexuality, immorality, violence and wickedness seem to be reigning. But contrary to the world’s agenda the Church has the Good News of salvation from sin and deliverance from the power of Satan and the world in Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus Christ is God’s way of peace, reconciliation and victory.

As Paul said “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe, first for the Jews and then the Gentiles. In the Gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written ‘the righteous shall live by faith.” We proclaim Jesus Christ who is for us the righteousness of God and the very radiance of His glory and more so, in Him we proclaim the reign and presence of the Kingdom of God. In most cases we Christians live subsistent life and like the subsistent farmer we are satisfied by meet the needs of this present time and just be able to survive. More than survival, God’s Children and Church must live in fullness, the Kingdom life and have the Kingdom mindset to pursue, overtake and recover all the souls and resources that God has given us. Jesus demands that we occupy till He comes the Gates of our Families; the Church and Religious influence in the Nation; the City and Village/community; the Educational system; Politics and Governance; Business and Finances; and the Media and Entertainment.

The beggarly mentality must be done away with as we stand in faith and the Word of God to declare and pray that God our Father, will have His way, His will be done among us as it is in Heaven. Jesus promised us that greater things will be done by us in His Name and Authority. A situation wherein people act and behave as though the Church belongs to them is the height of blasphemy against God. The idols that occupy the place of God must be cast down and out; Jesus Christ must be Lord and Saviour of our lives, His Church and His World. Indiscipline and corruption must not become a way of life. All life must be sanctified unto God. This is the Decade of the Reign of God and raising the Citizens of God’s Kingdom through Intentional Discipleship is very vital to the work of the Church.

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Mission our core Task

The Diocese of Abuja Synod theme makes it mandatory that as individuals and as a Diocese that we build on the sure Foundation which is Jesus Christ. The pivotal issue in building on Jesus is faith and obedience to Christ. Jesus said if we love Him, we should keep his Commandments and so be His Disciples. The way to be His Disciples is to do what is to do his will and achieve purpose. His will and purpose are in the Great Commission and preparing the saints for His return. Therefore, the core task of the Church and Diocese will be Mission, Discipleship and nurturing the faith of the believers. We seek to mobilize the whole Diocese unto Prayer and the Great Harvest of the Kingdom of God. Mission and Discipleship is worth investing our resources. God is seeking for those who will be committed to Prayer, those who go to streets, villages, churches and the unreached, those who will sponsor and support the Missionaries/Evangelist in the Mission fields and those who will bring the supply of materials for Mission. Everyone has a role in this end time Harvest tide. Also, I heard the voice of the LORD, saying “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Can God find a partner among us today?

Mission Thrust and Collaboration

The Dioceses in Abuja Province are in a primary mission zone in Nigeria. In collaboration with the Dioceses in our Province we shall push the frontiers of Mission. The Programme of the Re-planting and Re-Evangelization will be strongly anchored in Abuja Province. When well-resourced and supported, this Province can push the frontiers of Mission and sustain the evangelization of the far North. The Mission strategy will target reaching the People Groups and raising Disciples and Missioners from among them. We appreciate the efforts of all our Bishops and Dioceses and look forward to more collaboration in Strategic Mission.
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