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Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

By Dr Patrick Sookhdeo At the start of 2022, we reflect back on two years characterised by human suffering on an enormous scale. This suffering, beyond anything seen in the lifetime of most of us, has produced much questioning, uncertainty,

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A Hope And A Future For Anglicans

By The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey Published in American Anglican Council It is an understatement that Anglicanism is not always neat and tidy.  The very nature of our decision making in councils, as ancient as it may be, is messy.  Things don’t

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How can one rejig and fire up his spiritual life?

Venerable Gershinen Paul Dajur, PhD Simply put, spiritual life means Life in Christ Jesus. That is a life that has been surrendered to Jesus Christ and Him alone. All those who are born again into Jesus Christ live in

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Suffering, Affliction and Persecution can Impede walk with God

Most Rev. Henry C. Ndukuba Suffering, Affliction and Persecution can impede our walk with God. When people suffer physical, economic or social pains, attacks and their rights are denied them they may fall back from following Christ. The attacks on

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Only 47% of Americans indicate they have actual formal membership in a church or religious congregation. In the 1930s, that number was over 70%. By David W. Virtue, DDwww.virtueonline.orgApril 2, 2021  Church membership has been steadily declining in the

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