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They came from all works of life and from every part of the country. There were students, young entrepreneurs, medical doctors, lawyers, artisans, social scientists, artists from different artistic genres, Church workers and young Pastors. They came from different denominations and indeed a few noticeable ones were Muslims, but they all came to the Joshua GenerationInternational Conference at Nsukka, Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria.

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Archbishop Henry Ndukuba praying for youths who have made commitments for Missions. Photo Hassan John

What was burning in their hearts, no one can describe but to simply say, it was the move of God for this Generation of young Nigerians all about the average age of 21. One thing was sure, their passion for Christ was electric! The singing and praise and worship brought tears to the face of many. Repentance from sin was massive as over 5000 made commitment for Christ.

The move of God at this Joshua Generation Conference has demonstrated that while the general impression may be that young men and women are turning away from the Church, and indeed, a number are doing so due to so many reasons, chief among which is the persecution of the Church by both Boko Haram Islamic terrorist group and the Islamist Fulani cattle herdsmen militias devastating predominantly Christian villages and communities across central Nigeria. Many young men are going back to African Traditional Religion to get diabolical powers to fight the Islamists. It is however exciting to see thousands of young men and women coming out and making commitments and making their covenants to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, despite the prevailing woes in the country which could have driven them to any direction and into any vices just to simply make money or to survive.

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The future for the Nigerian youth is bleak.  Strategic planning and implementation of programmes and projects designed to equip and empower the youths over the years, have not seen the light of day. Even the current empowerment programmes like N-power, P-Yes, YISA,LIFE and whatever programmes generated by the federal government are significantly lopsided in implementation to favour regions and interest groups. There are over 150 million youths under the age of 35. There are at least 100,000 graduating from universities every year and about 15 million unemployed youths. The best the government can come up with are projects targeting regional and sectional biases.

“Whenever God moves in any generation, He first raises a people through whom He works to impact that generation. He raises people from obscurity to the limelight, from darkness into light that they may proclaim the praise of this awesome God.” Ndukuba.

The Nigerian youths have been muscled out of leadership positions and only the children of the privileged who have been schooled in UK, the USA or Saudi Arabia are prepped for power and leadership. The rest are left to their fate. 

The general narrative and the stereotype description of the Nigerian youths are that they are lazy, uneducated, undisciplined, un-discipled, unemployable, who will do anything for money. While it may be fair to say, like in any society, such persons do exist, but to make such blanket assumption by leaders of a country and its politicians is very unfortunate. The #ENDSARS protest shook the political class to its roots. Politicians least expected that these riff-raffs had the capacity, strategy and intelligence to organize a national movement. The number of educated graduates, coming from different works of life that put their time and resources in organising the movement to challenge the government and its intrinsic corrupt fabrics and structures took the breath away from many in Aso Villa.

The Joshua Generation movement, started by the Primate of All Nigeria, Henry Ndukuba, recognises the talents, the opportunity and the responsibility of the Church to train and equip this generation both for God and for a nation. 

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The Primate’s charge to the youths has been consistent. They are valued by the Anglican Church, they are the next generation, not just for the Church but for the nation and the world and they are precious to God. Archbishop Ndukuba recognises the importance of the youths for a nation like Nigeria and has made the commitment to the youths, for the next decade, to train and equip them

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