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2021 The New Year, What Really Changes?

The clock strikes 12 am, the cheers, the fireworks and the music. Much more is the hope, the aspiration and the prayer that the new year will be better. But the sun rises and falls the same way. The moon comes out at dusk or night and the earth rotates on its axis as it has done since creation. We all wake up like we have always done as the sun rises. The question is what really changes?

it is all about the pursuit of happiness at the end of the day. We look up to a new year hoping we will be happier perhaps when we get richer to get the love of our lives or when we get more freedom and liberty or even when we acquire a higher position and more power.

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With so many love songs and as many religious proclamations of love, peace and joy the thought would be that the world would be utopia, a very nice and pleasant place, yet at the strike of the clock at 12, many, unfortunately will die either through the hatred in the heart of man or by his greed.

Yet again, a lot of things do change. Families are added or decreased, leaderships and positions change, people, move to new environments and modernization and constant upgrades and innovative gadgets and science have created better bigger and richer states and institutions. The Tech giants look at the stock exchange with a glee as many other industries. It is a communication and digital age. Millions of people in the right place at the right time make fortunes. 

In all these, Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?” (NLT)

Yet there is one who know it and one who understands it and who has given every one of us the opportunity to love, to share that love and express it in a manner that is counter cultural to the norms around us. John 3:16, says that God so loved us that He demonstrated this amazing and outrageous love by giving His only Son to die on a rugged cross that we might live. That we may have second chances and that we may experience a transformation, a new birth, a new beginning like no other. That which no outward New year celebration can give only Jesus Christ who is Lord and who knows what we need and is willing and waiting to give if we ask.

 The year 2021 will have its challenges, its frustrations and tragedies like any other year before it. While we hope for the best, the only certainty we can have is the assurance that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is with us to help us through whatever challenges the year may bring our way. Victory simply means the overcoming of an adverse challenge. We have a victor in Christ, who has been in the same battlefield like us and who is willing to lead us through. It only takes placing our hands into His nail pierced palm and allowing Him to carry us through the year to another. 

Happy New year.

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