Church of Nigeria

When God Calls, He Equips – Prof. Iheagwam

The Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel U. Iheagwam, outgoing Bishop of Egbu diocese has called on everyone to note that whatever position one finds oneself in life, God has some assignments attached to it. He made this call during his last address as the Bishop of Egbu diocese which took place at the Cathedral Church of All Saints Egbu, Imo State. He added that one must endeavour to find out what the assignments are and should do everything possible to accomplish them. Recounting all that had happened at his election and after his consecration as Bishop, he boldly acknowledged that when God chooses a person, He anoints him or her for a special assignment(s) or purpose(s), he equips and then lead such a person to accomplish it. Speaking from experience, he advised Christians not to consider any assignment from God too big for them to make a start, for according to 1 Thessalonians 5; 24 He who has given the assignment, he who has called is faithful to see them through. He said that God is able. However, the Bishop said that Christians must endeavour to get their priorities right and be determined to accomplish the assignment no matter how difficult it may be or the odds on the way. He also pointed out that God does not expect individuals to perform tasks alone; He surrounds them with people with different endowments to assist them achieve their assignments and therefore there is need to cultivate team spirit rather than that of a “lone ranger”. In conclusion, he charged all to accept whatever assignment God gives without complaining and to do it to the best of their ability. They should get their priorities right and pray, “The task your wisdom has assigned, let me cheerfully fulfil.” It will be recalled that the approval by the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion for the creation of Diocese of Egbu from the Diocese of Owerri generated rancour and acrimony in some sections of the would be diocese and petitions were written to the then Primate. There was incitement by some people to opt out of the proposed diocese and stay with the mother diocese of Owerri; a lot of distractions. But today the Diocese which many people believed will not be able to survive, which they think will collapse like pack of cards is now in its seventeenth year of existence and it’s growing in its leaps and bounds. The Bishop who almost developed cold feet because of a humble beginning managed all limitations and concentrated on the development of the Diocese scoring so many firsts, standing tall and proud and immensely grateful to the Almighty God for strength.