Unity In The Church, Panacea To Its Effectiveness – Primate Okoh

Primate Interview“The basic ingredient that is lacking in our country is love”.

This was the observation made by the Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh at a Church service held at the Anglican Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life camp Abuja. He added that the world is a broken place and for the Church to succeed in its assignment, it must unite. According to him, Christians must forget their tribe, how special they are, their spiritual superiority and work together with other believers to carry out God’s assignment on this earth. He pointed out that Nigeria is unable to progress because people are pulling apart and the centre could no longer hold. Hence, he charged the Church which he described as an agent of heaven to serve as light to the world.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Unity in the Church’, the Cleric stated that, no doubt there is disunity adding that there are different denominations who do not agree with others. He asserted that even the Anglican Church worldwide is not united and to him, that is why Saint Paul in Ephesians decided to draw the attention of the Church to the need for unity. Primate Okoh explained the principles of the Church as espoused by Paul  and enjoined all Christians to imbibe in their daily living.

The Archbishop emphasized that without unity, the Church will not be able to fulfill the mandate of Christ stating that one cannot be in unity with people they don’t love. Therefore, he called on believers to exhibit the love of God that has been shared in their hearts. He explained that Christians have been called by God to live worthy lives befitting of the one who has called them and added that it is pertinent to do so because they, Christians are the “Jesus” the world will like to see.

He drew a contrast between the intimacy shared in the early Church and that of today, stating that now there is discrimination even amongst people of the same tribe. He stated that there is so much emphasis on gift to the point that people who discover a little gift will rather establish their own Church. He taught that the Bible teaches believers to be patient and help those who are weak and not disintegrate to proliferate the Church. Primate Okoh observed that there is nothing like merit in Christian teaching expatiating that it is only the merit of Jesus Christ that covers all. He said that the fact that all are qualified not by works or position should bind all Christians together; adding that believers share one faith and one hope.

The Most Rev. Nicholas D Okoh ended his message by noting that the wall of hostility has been broken in the coming of Jesus Christ and as such he urged the Church to pull resources together to preach a credible gospel to the world. He advised the Church to heal themselves of the problems that bedevil them and called on all those who rebel against their Churches to establish their own, to desist from doing so and join others to serve God. He opined that if this is done, the Church will be able to heal the broken world.