Understanding And Correct Interpretation Of The Word Can Unlock Heaven – Bishop Akobe

The Bishop of Kabba Anglican Diocese, Rt. Rev. Stephen Akobe has reiterated that there is a tremendous, extra ordinary power, something beyond comprehension in the spirit of obedience and obeying the word and instructions of God.

Speaking on the theme, “At thy Word” at the flag off of a 4-day revival programme at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp Abuja, Bishop Akobe said God has proved Himself to be a miraculous wondrous worker to those who diligently seek and serve Him in obedience, working without any iota of deceit. He said God has the power to do a spiritual surgical operation that will separate anybody who has complete faith and confidence in Him from all carnality, worldliness, encumbrances, and shackles of oppression that has tied and bogged down His faithful from the glory of God.

The Cleric who drew his text from the gospel of St. Luke chapter five from verse five (Lk. 5:5ff), dramatized how Peter encountered Jesus having toiled all day with no catch, and how he obeyed Jesus in casting the net and the resultant effect of a release anointing, incredible catch and transformation into a new realm and a new dimension of the supernatural in the history of fish catching. He said the same experience will happen in re-awakening and release of anointing, ordination and energy in re-engineering and re-equipping those who obey and put their trust in God.

The ebullient speaker seized the opportunity of the occasion to charge Christians to trust and have faith in their Church and believe their Pastors instead of running helter skelter because according to him, there is power, blessing, deliverance and salvation in the Church.

The Bishop corroborated his stand by giving himself and his family as example adding that the Lord has blessed him with everything in the Anglican Church. According to him, his parents worshipped faithfully in the Anglican faith and he followed suit by marrying there and received blessings and daily increase and has made up his mind to die an Anglican. He quickly added that it is not the Church that is the issue but the power of the Lord that is radiating.

He raised six points from St. Luke’s passage espousing them copiously with Bible passages pointing to the fact that if one must be blessed, he must be thirsty, and hunger for the word in order to bring blessing and transformation. He described the word of God as the only ‘food’ one needs spiritually to awaken them and open their eyes and so like worshippers of old, Christians must cluster around the Preacher of the word and press towards the goal, the mark and the prize which Christ has saved and deliver His adherents. He urged Christians to have goals, vision and struggle for the spiritual milk saying that if people want blessing and miracles in their lives, they must be hungry for the word not hunger for the servant of God.

He called on the teachers of the gospel to thoroughly expose, expound, interpret and analyze the word, because according to him, where there is no knowledge people perish. He quoted someone saying, “If you have no information, you become deformed but when you have understanding, knowledge and wisdom will come”, adding that once your eyes are opened you will know your rights and possess your possession.

He opined that it is only through a thorough study of the word that one can show to be approved and have the required characteristics to command heaven to open on his behalf. He pointed out that some Christians are strangers to God’s character because of their lack of study analysis and proper interpretation of God’s words. According to him, that is why the issues of Polygamy, drinking, premarital sex are still problems in the body of Christ and no wonder chances and opportunities are being blocked because they have no proper understanding of the Scripture and cannot interpret and internalize the word. He added that until Christians are able to do that they cannot unlock heaven.

The Preacher, who said that the heaven is at alert and attention, waiting for their call, urged Christians to desire and ask in prayer and they shall receive, if only they can back academic word of God with faith. He said if Christians can operate like Joseph in the Bible and forget the funny practices of traditions and the way things are done in the world, it will surely affect all that they do; marriage, business, academics, relationship with other people will be under the control of God.

He ended his sermon with Deuteronomy 28:1-14 quotation that if Christians will diligently hearken to the voice of God and obey all His laws and commandments blessings from above will follow them. He said every carnality and need will be subdued, when Christians eat the word and apply it in everything and there will be transformation in their lives, their faith will be built with increase and deliverance.

By Ven. Foluso Taiwo