Unction, An Instrument Of Pragmatic Transformation – Primate Okoh

Primate Okoh5The Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion and Bishop of Abuja diocese, the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh has pointed out that anointing comes from God, even though there may be human intermediaries who are used by God to carry out the action. He said this during a service at the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life Camp, Abuja and further called on all to note that when one receives anointing or unction, that person should know that it is a gift from the Lord. Primate Okoh explained that the purpose of any anointing is to make the individuals or items holy, to set them apart from mundane issues or affairs and be separated to God adding that anointing is to equip the Church for service.

Teaching on the topic, ‘The unction to function’, the Primate said that it is the Holy Spirit that gives this unction to enable the continuation of the work of Jesus Christ here on earth. According to him, the Holy Spirit is the life giver in the life of the Church, therefore without the Spirit, the Church will be dead and dry. The same goes for the individual who lacks the Holy Spirit, he or she will be an empty shell moving without real joy in the things of God, he said. To him, such a person will begin to question all that is done in the Church because he or she will see things from a carnal point of view.

Archbishop Okoh quoted copiously from the Scriptures and emphasized that the outpour of the Spirit is not discriminatory; because, the Bible states that God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh both male and female. He clarified that God is not limited or restricted to the affairs of the Church alone, but the whole universe is God’s own jurisdiction. Hence, he added that God is in charge and He rules in the affairs of men through His Holy Spirit. The Cleric stated that the unction of the Holy Spirit enables a person to do that which ought to be done and also makes that which is done an acceptable offering to God. Therefore according to him, every profession in life, if backed up by the Holy Spirit will bring about excellent results that will be recognized by all.

The Primate said that if people recognize every position or appointment as a ministry which God has committed to their charge then, they would be diligent in whatever position they occupy. He expressed the thoughts of many when he mentioned that with the help of the Holy Spirit, Christians could make much impact in politics. He said that there is what is called political miracles and this he said are performed by people who are called by God to improve the life of the communities they have been entrusted to lead. Such persons, he added are those who receive the Holy Spirit before they go into politics and thus they see politics as an instrument they can use to improve the lives of people and not to accumulate wealth stating that those who see human beings as material calculations have the love of God absent in their hearts.

He asked the congregation to take note that those who serve diligently still do not go empty handed as many are made to believe, rather they are blessed by God and respected by the people. Primate Okoh stressed that the Spirit of God cannot be received in vain because the Spirit is not an idle or selfish Spirit. He was emphatic that the Spirit is released so that people may dispense the blessings God has deposited in them. He therefore advised that they should not worry about where they are, but how that place can be a source of blessing to them and others. The Cleric taught that a family can only enjoy love, peace and happiness, if the Holy Spirit is present in their lives because according to him, it is this Spirit that gives the true love of God in the hearts of the husband and wife; hence it spreads to the children.

Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh confirmed that many still believe that they can buy things such as favour, salvation and the likes from God; thus, he pointed out from the Bible that the Holy Spirit cannot be bought. He highlighted some ways by which the Spirit of God can be received; they include through prayer, hearing and accepting the word of God and laying of hands. However, he warned that people should be careful and only submit themselves to be laid hands upon by ministries they can trust. For, many he said have been torn apart through the impartation of the wrong spirits.

The Primate of the Anglican Communion concluded by imploring the congregation to seek God anywhere they find themselves and they will find Him. He said that if one has the Holy Spirit, He becomes the determiner of all that happens in one’s life and all that one does; He becomes the guide, guardian and instructor on a daily basis. Archbishop Okoh explained that if they have the Spirit of God, they would be able to offer themselves up for service to Him and also, will be content wherever they are sent; because they would realize that they are not standing alone. And surely, he added their blessings will come to them.

By Ngozi Maduoma