To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected

Women have been reminded on the need to review, evaluate and check their performances, their roles and responsibilities as individuals and Christian stewards, with a view to correcting their shortcomings.
The women chaplain of the diocese of Abuja, Venerable Peter Okuromade said this while preaching at the opening service at the 14th diocesan women conference 2013. He said it was pertinent for children of God to continually and periodically evaluate their lives and activities.
Venerable peter Okuromade said the theme of this year’s conference which is “Christian stewardship” is to remind the women that the earth is the lords’ and God the father is the owner of the universe. He stated that Christian stewardship is to emphasize that all that man has and becomes is from God, saying that their money, position, natural abilities, and whatever they think of comes from God.
He stressed that women need to take their rightful positions in the presence of God adding that as children and women of God, their homes should be examples for unbelievers. He said God has given everyone gifts to use, therefore urging them not to use their gifts negatively. He told them not to allow anything take them away from God or become their God.
The cleric said God is the rightful owner and has only allowed them the privilege of using and managing what belongs to him. He emphase saying that as Christian stewards there is need to reflect on their lives and contributions not only to the work of God but also in their homes stating that a day of accountability is coming when everyman will give account of what has been entrusted to them. He made it known to them that as stewards of God, they need to be faithful, trustworthy, obedient, responsible, giving prompt service and delivery to the work of God.

High points of the service include the rendition of women of Saint Matthew’s church maitama and the holy Eucharist. This year’s conference is the 14th and has its theme as “Christian stewardship”.