To Live Is Christ And To Die Is Gain – Bishop Yahaya

The Rt. Revd Timothy yahaya the bishop of the Anglican diocese of Jalingo has charged Christians not to allow the gospel die in this generation but strive to reach the uttermost parts of the world. The bishop said this while preaching at the opening service of a three day revival of the cathedral church of the Advent, life camp Abuja.

He said the theme “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain” was as a result of the declaration of Paul who was faced with so much persecution. He made this statement in confidence knowing that the lord Jesus had the power to deliver him from the hands of his persecutors. He said ever since Apostle Paul came to know Jesus his testimony has changed for good.

The cleric made it known that the book of Philippians was written while Paul was in chains for the sake of the gospel, adding that because of Paul’s writing, Christ was known. He said Paul’s chains, critic, and crises made Christ to be preached, known, and magnified. He charged Christians to stand their feet in any persecution they may be facing for the sake of the gospel as apostle Paul did.

The preacher said the whole world is in chaos according to him the life of man has become very cheap as a result of world leaders playing politics over thousands of souls that die every day. He said the world is in crises adding that nowhere is safe. The best and only security is in the lord Jesus Christ, saying that except the lord saves, no man can save. He made reference to Apostle Paul who was arrested and persecuted for the sake of the gospel that Christians should be ready to face persecution which may lead to death for the gospel to be preached.

Bishop Yahaya admonished believers saying that no matter the chains of this life, Jesus can never be chained and he alone can set people free from all entangles of life, adding that only those on the lord’s side are in the winning team. He stated that believers should never be discouraged, but be unstoppable as they serve God and preach the gospel, serve God with zeal and every momentum in them. He reminded them of the increase in learning in the world today, said this has made people and even pastors preach heresies. He enjoined Christians to emulate the confidence, assurance, boldness, certainty, courage and determination of Apostle Paul which was a result of his contact with the lord Jesus Christ.

The cleric condemned in its entirety the campaign of world leaders on homosexuality. He stated that God has made provision for man and woman to be joined in marriage. He attributed the act to the devil saying that this is a sign of the end time and homosexuality is not of God. He also made mention of cloning as a result of too much knowledge of man, stating that knowledge should be used to derive methods in which Christ will be preached other than trying to be equal to God. He charged believers to therefore live an exemplary life praying God to grant this generation a discerning spirit.

For three days, Bishop Timothy Yahaya took the cathedral church of the Advent by storm with his biblical declarations and decrees, praying for the nation and on all aspects of life as it affects the Christians that gathered in their hundreds for the revival.

High points of the three day revival are daily counseling of people who gave their lives to Christ, special sessions of prayers early in the morning and bible expositions in the evening.