Those Who Die In Christ Will Enjoy Their Rest- Archbishop Egbunu

Archbishop EgbunuThe humiliation of Christians in the days of yore for being called Christians should serve as a great challenge for today’s Christians to stay on course in a time in our nation where there is much recklessness and restlessness.

The Bishop of Lokoja Diocese Anglican Communion and Archbishop of Lokoja Province, the Most Rev. Emmanuel Egbunu made this remark at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity Lokoja in his sermon at the funeral service of the late Mama Grace Ogazuma who passed on at the age of 86 years.

The Preacher who treated the word REST in all its ramifications quoted copiously from the whole Bible to back up visibly his stand on REST. The Bishop of Lokoja diocese cited the example of Jesus asking all who labour and are heavy laden to come to Him, with the assurance that He will give them rest if they come to him in complete faith and confidence. The Cleric said from Genesis to Revelation, the word rest is conspicuously placed and even God Himself rested on the seventh day after creation.

According to Archbishop Egbunu, life is full of challenges but the joy of the people must not be truncated for any reason adding that whatever the case may be, those who are in Christ should be able to affirm like Paul that, “I have finished the race and have kept the faith and what is laid before me is Rest.” He said blessed are those who die in Christ for they will enjoy their rest.

The Archbishop of Lokoja Province said that in spite of challenges people face today, they must live on, because Jesus lives today in spite of His sufferings, crucifixion and death to the delight of those who believe in Him. He also said that Mama Grace Ogazuma will continue to be remembered by her children and generations till Jesus comes.

He encouraged Christians to continue to strive and live on in righteousness. He said Hell is not something people want to hear, but it is real. According to him, all the people of the world want to live in paradise, but people can only have perfect peace in the world if they do the will of Jesus Christ adding that the crux of the matter is to die in Christ without allowing the cares, the glittering things of the world to make them lose the living faith in Christ.

He urged Mama’s children to keep the faith and that those who were present at the burial to respond to the call of Jesus and go to Him; for he said that all the positions in the world cannot give them the rest that Jesus Christ is calling them to adding that as they make the commitment to Jesus, God will sustain them without prejudice to many anxieties in the world today. He said no matter how rough the journey is, there is rest ahead.

Present at the Burial Service were many dignitaries, people from all walks of life, far and near, among whom are, Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Jacob Kwashi, Bishop of Zonkwa Diocese; wife of Bishop of Kaduna Diocese, Mrs. Idowu-Fearon and many others.

By Ven. Foluso Taiwo