There Is Resurrection Life After Death – Bishop (Prof.) Asaju

“I feel sorry for people who feel that once you die that is the end. It is a big lie! That is the beginning of another life.” The Bishop Theologian, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Professor Dapo Asaju made this statement when he preached on the theme, ‘Experiencing the Resurrection power’, during the annual Carnival for Christ evangelical programme held at old parade ground, Abuja. According to him, “Christians do not die, but sleep to wake up again at the Resurrection.” He added that since Jesus is alive, those who believe in Him have received the same power of resurrection and therefore would also rise again. Drawing dissimilarity between Christianity and other religions, he said that though many religions can copy certain beliefs and traditions of Christianity, these other religions cannot copy salvation; because the scripture states that there is no other name given amongst men by which people can be saved. He also said that Jesus Christ is the only founder of a religion, who died and rose again. The Bishop theologian emphasized that since Jesus is the resurrection and the life, anyone who would receive the power of resurrection must believe in Jesus as the Son of God. Professor Asaju urged the congregation to believe in Jesus and the word of God, so as to receive this resurrection power, which would empower them to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. He further stated that this power is available to anyone who desires to receive it. He enlightened the congregation that it is not only people that resurrect, but also hopeless situations. He quoted from the scriptures, examples of individuals whose destinies and circumstances where changed as a result of their faith in Jesus and a desire for change. Therefore, he urged people to believe in God, who gives beauty for ashes. The Professor also cited Nigeria as an example of a situation that may seem hopeless. He said that Nigeria is a dead nation in desperate need of the resurrection power, which can only come through the body of Christ.The erudite scholar concluded when he challenged the people to rise up and take their position as Christians and exercise the power of resurrection that has been given to them, to make Nigeria come alive.