The Woman, An Embodiment Of Virtues – Mrs. Nkasiobi Okoh

Mrs Nkasiobi OkohThe President of all women organizations in the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Mrs. Nkasiobi Okoh has asserted that a person’s dressing is a reflection of what is inside of him or her. She made this assertion during the 14th annual diocesan women’s conference of the Abuja Anglican diocese held this year at St. Matthews’ Anglican Church, Maitama Abuja. She stated that God is interested in the way human beings appear adding that He expects people to be decent in their dressing. She observed that wrong dress code is fast taking over the world and the Church; with the tendency to go half naked on the increase. Therefore, she called on Christian mothers to arise and say no to indecent dressing both in their lives and among their children.

While speaking on the conference theme, ‘Christian Stewardship’, Mrs. Okoh stressed that all things come from God, and as such God owns all of man’s posessions. She described stewardship as the act of managing something for somebody or an organization explainng that it has to do with rendering account of how certain things were expended. She opined that the human nature finds it so difficult to give because man seeks to gratify and satisfy hiself above any other person. Hence, she said that to be a generous and cheerful giver, one needs to recognize that God owns all that one has, imitate Christ’s sacrifcial example and make giving an act of worship by honouring God with one’s resources and sharing with others.

The President charged the women to recognize the roles God has given them in the home and realize that much is expected of them as a help mate. She noted that in life, a large number of men succeed more in various ventures because they have wives who encourage, care and pray for them. She emphasized that God has endowed the woman with so many attributes and according to her, God needs them to exhibit theses divine qualities and save mankind from doom. Mrs Okoh stated that a woman must be humble, respectful and dilligent, so as to be of positive impact to her husband, family and community. Mrs. Nkasiobi Okoh concluded on the theme by listing the qualities of a good steward to include being faithful, trustworthy, obedient, responsible, prudent, and a good manager of time.

Meanwhile, the Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, ably represented by the Diocesan women’s Chaplain, the Ven. Peter Okuronmade has asserted that God is never a debtor; He always rewards those who give to Him. He assured the women of the support of the head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria noting that as men they have come to realize that the women are the beauty of the home, church and society.

The Chairperson of the day, Mrs. Usseih Osunbor, wife of the former governor of Edo state has charged the women and all present to make donations in consonant with God’s blessings in their lives adding that to whom much is given much is expected.

High point of the event was the launching of the Presidential address by the invited guests and members of the Church. Also present at the event were Mrs. Deborah Akobe, wife of the Bishop of Kabba Anglican diocese; Rear Admiral Janga (Rtd), Father of the day; Princess Nwafor Obizu, Mother of the day; Sir Nnamdi Ohuabunwa, Chief launcher; Retired Controller Mrs. Degge, Priests of the Anglican diocese of Abuja, women of the diocese and members of the Church.