The Nigerian Nation Is An International Embarrassment – Archbishop Emmanuel Egbunu.

“Nigeria as a nation is becoming an international embarrassment, because her identity and mission is endangered and needs to be reinstated.” The Most Rev Emmanuel Egbunu, Archbishop Lokoja province Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, gave this pathetic description of Nigeria at St Paul’s Cathedral Church Nsukka, Enugu State at the consecration service of the Rt Rev Manasses Okere as Bishop of Isuikwato/Umunnechi diocese. He said the church in Nigeria has many identities. According to him, in all these verbose identities, the national identities and international reputation is becoming increasingly scandalous and smeared. The Bishop of Lokoja Diocese opined that if the church’s identity is not clearly understood her mission cannot be effectively cut out. The Archbishop who said that the church is still relevant reiterated that the church’s identity and mission is not about man’s agenda, ambition or reputation but about the continuing of God’s grace and response for humanity hence the idea of identity have remained inseparable in God’s deeds with man. The retreatant at the consecration said there is a great challenge before the church today, because in this part of the world people are trying to return to the darkness from which they have been called out from. He called on the new bishop to be consciously aware of whom the people are and where they are, adding that there is a need to reaffirm the identity and mission, with great pragmatism unequivocally, courageously and without apology. The preacher who took his text from the book of Isaiah chapter 6 said the Anglican Communion is now going through a lot of identities globally and it is not just a crisis of identity, it has serious implication for the mission of the church to the world. The ebullient preacher said it is bad and incredible that the world is begging to go deeper and deeper into moral decadence and moral perversion. He echoed the word of congratulation of the Primate of all Nigeria Anglican communion to the newly elected Archbishop of Canterbury Most Rev Justin Welby that the Lord will give him grace and courage to lead the communion of a restored identity and mission. On the state of the nation the erudite scholar and poet said Nigeria continue to squander her resources and are now graduating from inept corruption to exploitation of all forms, kidnapping, ritual murders, acts of terrorism, ethical, moral bankruptcy and flood. With all these problems Most Rev Egbunu said it is still business as usual in Nigeria, as if all is well. To the preacher, Nigeria’s top leaders at all levels use the sleek roads in Abuja without potholes and believe all roads in Nigeria are like that. He called on the church to be careful and stop the obsession with personalities in the church playing dirty politics. He prophesied that with darkness around the church, from which God has called them, the light in the church is more real and more powerful to consume darkness.