The EFCC And Nigeria’s Judiciary In A Confused State – Rt. Rev. Prof. Ajulo

Bishop Ajulo“If people understand the severity of God’s final judgement, they will want to take God’s offer of hope, life, forgiveness and restoration to those we know standing down there in the midst of the hoarding multitudes. People will call men to receive mercy from God.”

The Rt. Rev. Prof. E.B. Ajulo, Bishop of Okene Anglican Diocese made this pronouncement  during the 3rd Session of the 1st Synod which was held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Obeiba-Ihima, Kogi State. He said that the multitudes represented Israel and prophetically, people who live in the world today adding that God, the judge, was telling His people what He requires of them and all the ways they had wronged Him and others. According to him, the picture of the multitudes in the valley of decision as cited in Joel 3:9-14 is an unusual one, stating that Joel was preaching and warning of the impending judgment of God “in the day of the Lord.”

Speaking on the theme, ‘Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision’, the Bishop said that the multitudes in Joel’s day could never answer God’s question, nor would those who live in the present day be able to answer it. This, he stated is because God has done nothing wrong, He has been exceedingly patient with His people and the present generation. Bishop Ajulo described various kinds of multitudes, some of which included the multitudes in the valley of socio-cultures and in the Church. He expatiated by adding that everyone is standing behind the flag hoisted for his partisan society and culture and the Church is now in the dark valley of Health, Wealth and Prosperity gospel, which according to him ought to come after repentance, forgiveness and restoration.

In relation to Nigeria, he said politicians have formed alliances, not so much for the service to the people but in a bid to have new-fangled inlets to the wealth of the nation- all at a great cost to the life and blood of the people. The erudite scholar said most politicians these days are insincere, uncaring and unloving; they all are simply engaged in an ever present game of mask wearing, not meaning well for the multitudes, nor wanting their salvation but to keep feeding fat on their meat and milk. Prof. Ajulo added that the restless, restive and rebellious hordes in the valley such as the Boko haram sect, OPC, MEND in the nation today are being asked by God the same question as the Israelites, “My people, what have I done to you?” He said that nations are forming all sorts of economic alliance like EEC, OECD, OPEC, ECOWAS etc. to attain a better economy and better life, but the more they strive the deeper they go down into the unrelenting global economic “melt-down”. To him, all have been formed by the multitudes in the valley of decision.

He cited the EFCC, who he described as a not too effective government apparatus that tracks and traps fraudsters, corrupt persons and organizations but unfortunately, recent judgments of the fingered persons in the fuel subsidy scam and the police pension scam seem to judge Nigerians instead of the thieves and looters. According to him, the courts too seem not to know who is truly guilty; no persons that EFCC has arraigned before any law court for ill-gotten gains have so far pleaded guilty. He said if they are not guilty then it is Nigerians whose God-given wealth they have plundered who are guilty.

Rt. Rev. Prof. Ajulo concluded by pointing out that there is still hope beyond the valley of decision for the lost multitudes there adding that anyone who calls on God’s name can be saved; while those who refuse will face destruction. Therefore, he called on servants of God to call men to order, the multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision to the mercy of God.