The Deliverance of Nigeria Is In the Hands of Believers – Bishop Musa

“Amnesty is a political language and not a solution to the persecution in Nigeria.”

This pronouncement was made by the Rt. Rev. Joseph Musa, Bishop of Idah Diocese during the Abuja Diocesan Power night held at All Saints Anglican Church, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja. While speaking on the topic, ‘Looking unto Jesus’, he said that the Church must arise in prayers as was often done in the Scriptures by the early Christians and look unto Jesus for the nation and the President adding that the deliverance of Nigeria is in the hands of believers. The Cleric defined ‘looking unto Jesus’ as having the eyes of faith that is, seeing beyond the physical and believing in the ultimate power of God.

Bishop Musa who stated that many Believers are in difficult situations because they have not discovered what God has said about them added that Jesus did not start His ministry until He went to the temple and discovered what was written about Him. According to the Bishop, many Christians are nowhere because they have not found out what is for them adding that the Scriptures and the promises therein have been written to enable believers receive solution from the word of God. He said that Jesus is the word of God and therefore the performance of the word comes through Him.

The Bishop of Idah charged the Church to always pray with the word of God, which according to Him is the best way to pray and receive answers from God; because to him, God cannot do without fulfilling His word. He said that Christianity is not just about going to Church or religiosity rather it is believing in the impossible because with God all things are possible. He further emphasized that looking unto Jesus means that the person is logging out of impossibilities and stepping into the victory that is in Christ.

Quoting from the Bible, he said that Jesus is the prophecy of God fulfilled and thus looking at Jesus is at best claiming the prophecies of God embedded in His Son and unfolded to believers to discover it. The Cleric added that a lack of understanding of the prophecy will cause an unawareness of certain things that will come to the Church, home and the environment. Therefore, Bishop Musa said that it is time for Anglicans to understand prophecies, stating that stories in the Bible belong to children but the prophecies are for matured Christians, who according to him, bring out these prophecies for their heritage.

He cited the reaction of Mary and Martha to Jesus as regards the issue of Lazarus as an example of how believers ought to look to Jesus. Bishop of Idah diocese added that the two sisters looked to Jesus as the only solution to their problem and as such they received their miracle. He explained that even Jesus looked up to the Father for the resurrection of Lazarus adding that anyone who looks up to Jesus will also be connected to that ultimate power that is available to do exploits. Rt. Rev. Joseph Musa therefore concluded that the battles of the Church will be fought by God as believers look unto Jesus and that anytime one prays and ends it with in Jesus name, such a person is already seeing Jesus as an answer to that situation. Hence, he prayed that in Jesus name, Nigeria will be liberated from all its troubles. The All Saints Church venue of the power packed night vigil was filled to capacity. The security people had a hectic time checking the people with metal detectors before admitting them to the premises of the Church. Highpoints of the power night programme include songspiration by the Diocesan combined band, a melodious presentation of soul lifting songs, Testimonies, special numbers by individuals and altar call where a sizeable number of people gave their lives to Christ.