Resurrection, Gateway To Salvation

Resurrection has been described as the gateway of Christians to the salvation.

The primate of all Nigeria, the Most Rev Nicholas D Okoh made the description at the Cathedral church of the Advent life camp, Abuja during the Easter Sunday service and the birthday thanksgiving of Sir Obong Ufot Ekaette.

The primate said the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as brought salvation for mankind which must not be in vain.

Archbishop Okoh stressed that the death of Jesus has brought salvation to mankind. According to him, many do not still believe in the death of Jesus adding that either they believe or not Jesus has risen and that is the reason for the celebration of Easter. He said the death of Jesus as given Christians the privilege of resurrection which is a gate way to heaven, therefore everyone must live for Christ a life free of sin.

The cleric emphasized the need for Christians to believe God that he alone can do all things. He stated that even the preventive measures and forces could not stop Christ from rising from the dead stating that since all the forces could not hold Jesus in the grave God is set to revive all dead situation in their lives and by his death and resurrection he has disarmed all principalities and powers.

The primate of all Nigeria concluded his message with a charge to Christians to live a life worthy of emulation. He said Christ Jesus has come to wash all sins away therefore they must do away with all shameful deeds and appearances of evil. He stressed that resurrection is a daily affair so they must all rise also to become a member of God’s family.

The primate and other eminent Nigerians also stressed the need for peace to reign adding that Jesus as brought peace by his death on the cross therefore all people must live in peace.