Church of Nigeria

Pre-Eminence Exclusive Title of God – Bishop Akinbiyi

“There is no need therefore, for those in Christ Jesus to turn to any philosophical mythological or mystery religion, or the ritualistic Mosaic Law or the spirit-beings worshipped by the pagan world or the so called secret wisdom and powers of the occult for any help.” The Rt. Rev. Gabriel A. Akinbiyi, Bishop of Akoko diocese made this remark during the first session of the tenth synod which took place at St. James Anglican Church Ikaram-Akoko, Ondo State. He qualified this statement by adding that Jesus Christ is all-sufficient; He is the source of life and all that exists and sovereign Lord over it all. Hence, whatever powers there are in the universe, whatever ranks and order of authority and government, they all owe their being to Christ and are under His Lordship. Bishop Akinbiyi warned that the title, ‘Pre-eminence’ is the exclusive right of Christ as He alone is supreme to all things and as such no mortal being or any other person in the whole universe and particularly in the Church should be so addressed, called or titled. He termed it blasphemous to say that power structures, ancient or modern, whether political, economic, racial or religious have the potential to become rivals to or compete with Jesus Christ. Therefore, he concluded by calling all to the realization that true Christians need no one but Jesus Christ to overcome any power in the universe because in Him is nothing less than the fullness of God. And those who are united in Him have no need to pay their respects to “principalities and powers” or whatever forces they represent because Jesus has vindicated his pre-eminence over them. He said people all over the world are facing challenges that pose great threat to their survival; adding that Christian faith is the worst hit. It is not surprising therefore that many Christians in desperation are running helter skelter seeking for help and succour. The Cleric believes that the triumphant adequacy of Christ is more than enough to overcome any power in any part of the universe hence there should be no half measure. He now beckoned on Christians to submit themselves totally to Christ in order to find full security.