Materialism Is Not The Solution To Man’s Problem – Primate Okoh

Primate OkohIn celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Diocese of Abuja organized a Diocesan Musical concert that involved several Choristers from within and outside the Diocese. According to the organizers, the motive behind the institution of the concert, which took place at All Saints Anglican Church Wuse is to create an avenue where people of God could come and praise God with less talking and less asking. The Primate of all Nigeria, the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh during his brief charge stated that of all the creations of God, man gives God the greatest trouble. He opined that all the other creations such as the animals on land and the birds of the air follow and obey instructions, adding that it is only human beings who question God’s authority and even try to destroy his fellow human being and nature.

Archbishop Okoh stated that Easter is something to be celebrated because it demonstrates the power of God and registers it clearly that Christianity is a living faith and that they serve a living God. He added that though it is true that every Sunday is a resurrection day, so many things have been brought in the order of service and singing the glory of God is allocated its own share of time in order to achieve proportion within the worship of God’s people. And this time, he acknowledged is not sufficient to praise God as they ought to on Sunday and so the Cleric said that he is bothered knowing fully well that hereafter in the heavenly paradise, only the praise of God shall be the duty of His people. Therefore, to him, there is a need for this kind of event.

The Primate mentioned that human beings have an arrogant attitude towards the rest of the creation because they think that they are the highest and the best. However, he drew the attention of the congregation to the fact that every of God’s creation praises God in its own way not just human beings. He said that humans are nothing but very privileged species in God’s creation and what they owe God is not the disobedience that is everywhere or the trouble and killing of nature that is shown everywhere. Archbishop Okoh further added that man has designed and manufactured many things that harm nature and man himself, when man ought to glorify God for His wonderful creation placed at their disposal.

On the issue of praise, the Cleric emphasized that to praise God is enough prayer and also a healing balm for the sorrowful heart; especially in a country that is bedeviled with so many troubles and afflicted by so many contradictions. He advised Nigerians not to join the rest of the world or some part of the world where the rate of suicide has increased tremendously adding that most of these countries are developed and wealthy. Thus, he concluded that materialism cannot be a solution to human problem and furthermore the habit of grabbing in Nigeria is not the solution to the problem in the nation. According to Primate Okoh money promises abundant life and a satisfaction of all you need but in the end it makes the person become a fool; because the individual begins to behave as if he or she is not human by being brutal, wicked, proud and arrogant.

He pointed out that in the beginning, God created man as a body and spirit and as such he said, when you try to grow one sided by acquiring only material things without God in it, the person will become empty, dry and frustrated and therefore can commit suicide adding that one who has Godliness will also have contentment. Hence, he admonished Christians to take note, that as they move on to development, technology and the craze for wealth and material possession that money does not give in the end what it promises.

Quoting from the Bible, Archbishop Okoh taught that in Psalm 148, the whole creation is summoned to praise God and thus he called on all Christians to join the rest of the creation in praising God. He charged Nigerians to build up their spiritual life, especially at a time where so many terrible things are happening in the nation; so that they do not join the rest of the world where suicide is almost the first option. He prayed that Nigeria will not be defeated by the power of evil and that just as the stone was rolled away at the resurrection of Christ, all the forces of darkness afflicting the country and preventing it from moving forward will be rolled away. The Primate of all Nigeria concluded by encouraging all present to join in the praise and be merry in the heart, for the Lord has conquered death and troubles. He said that in the end, God has the victory and since they are His children, the victory is theirs too.

By Ven. Foluso Taiwo