Many Nehemiah Set to Rebuild Nigeria – President Jonathan

The president and commander in chief of Nigeria Armed forces Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has said that Nigeria is still facing challenges of re-integration compared with the Scandinavian countries who celebrated 200 years of not fighting was in 2009. But he quickly added that whatever challenges we are facing are ephemeral we will surely overcome. President Jonathan made this remark at the National Independence day service held at the National Christian Centre Abuja. He said Nigeria is being commended today because she has sanitized the electoral process and has gone to another level. The president said one of Nigeria’s greatest problems is corruption and transparency international in their last publication, said Nigeria is second to America in their commitment to fight corruption, adding that frantic efforts are being made to reduce corruption and that Nigeria shall overcome. He assured the nation that the government will continue to work very hard in the manufacturing sector which he said is attracting new members at a very fast rate. On the power sector the president said there is no stopping and there is improvement, adding that the government will not sleep until power is stabilized in this country. He reiterated that leadership is collective whether at the National, state, local or family levels, adding that there must be drive and initiative from all sectors because according to him a tree cannot make the forest, the leader alone cannot do all. He said in all tiers of government, be it executive, legislature and judiciary, in business, there are religious leaders, lecturers, many Nehemiah’s that can rebuild the broken wall. It is the conviction of Mr. President that God will use many Nehemiah to build this country. He said it and convincingly too that Nigeria will succeed. He called on the media, civil societies to work with him to move the Nigerian nation forward.

By Foluso Taiwo