Life Is A Gift To Be Guarded Jealously- Ven. Dr. Igbari

Ven. Dr. Olusola Igbari“Life is a gift from God with a purpose of serving the Lord and humanity and must be guarded jealously.”

The Venerable Dr. Olusola Igbari, Archdeacon of Maitama Archdeaconry and Vicar of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Maitama Abuja made this categorical statement at the Commendation Service held in honour of the late Otunba Lanre Soyebo who passed on recently.

The Cleric who took his main text from Hebrews 13 verse 14 thanked God for the life the deceased lived, his works and testimonies of glowing tribute that followed his death in quick succession. He said life is indeed short especially with what statistics says of life expectancy across the world. Life expectancy according to the erudite scholar, in developed countries of the world is between 55 to 60 years, while it is only 45 years in developing countries like Africa and   Nigeria. Dr. Igbari said the lesson to be drawn from this statistical presentation is that whatever number of years spent on earth is still a short period of time because God has no beginning, He has no end and man just occupies the space for a short time.

The Vicar of St. Matthews Church Maitama quoted copiously from the Bible and asked God to teach people to number their days so that they may not put their hearts in position of wisdom adding that the generality of the people are not citizens of this world and that one place that is sure where people wait eagerly for to meet Jesus Christ is heaven.

He said it is unfortunate that lots of people think that this life is the end of it all, not knowing that whatever time they spend on earth is a watch night before the Lord even if it is 120 years. Quoting from Corinthians chapter 15 verse 1-58, he prepared the minds of the people not to fear death, according to him if people fear God there is nothing to fear because He is in control, the giver and taker. He added that death to a Christian is a change from mortality to immortality, from corruptible into incorruptible, from a life that is short to a life that does not have an end.

Ven. Igbari asked the people to wipe off their tears as there should be a limit to weeping and sorrowing because according to him, there is resurrection after death and those who die in the Lord will live with Him in eternal Kingdom. He also testified that the deceased Otunba Lanre Soyebo came to the world and gave his life to glorify God and was useful to people around him; even though his sudden death was a rude shock to the Church, his wife, children and families nuclear and extended.

Dr. Igbari said it is not how long but how well adding that people should be conscious of the fact that no matter the number of years spent on planet earth, the trumpet shall sound one day, and all shall be called back home; hence he admonished all to be conscious that as long as they live, whatever they say, wherever they go, they are going to meet God one day. He prayed that their labour of love will not be in vain.

Born 56 years ago in April 1957, Otunba Lanre Soyebo worked for God with pragmatic zeal. This was evident at his active participation at the just concluded 3rd Session of the Eighth Synod of the Church of Nigeria Abuja Anglican diocese especially on the last day of the Synod before he breathed his last. He is survived by a wife, Mrs. Bisi Soyebo Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and four children, Teniola, Funmilola, Tundun and Toni.