Jesus Is Bigger Than Any Human Calculation, His Resurrection Mystery Of God Revealed – Archbihop Kwashi

“Resurrection of Jesus is the climax of the life, ministry and message of Jesus to the world. Outside of the message of Jesus Christ there is no message, so Christians must decree and declare this all important message because it was not in secret, it was in public view nothing is hidden” This was the total summation of the sermon of his Grace, the Most Rev. Benjamin Kwashi, Archbishop of Jos province church of Nigeria Anglican Communion at the consecration service of the new Bishop of Ifo Diocese the Rt. Rev. Nathaniel Oladejo Ogundipe held at the Cathedral Church of Bartholomew Kubwa, in Kubwa Diocese Abuja. The Most Rev. Kwashi thoroughly reviewed the activities of ministry of Jesus in all the ramifications of healing, mercy, support and encouragement and said that Jesus is life and open. He admonished that Christians should not be secretive nor live dual lives but be transparent in everything as believers in Jesus Christ. He re-iterated that by the resurrection of Jesus it is given that his arrest, trial, sentence, crucifixion, death and burial was held in public glare, the story of Jesus according to Archbishop Kwashi was not cooked, Jesus he said is bigger than any human calculation and imagination and his resurrection is the mystery of God revealed, the power of God demonstrated. The Bishop of Jos Diocese said one fundamental mystery and lesson in the resurrection of Jesus is that he did not come out of the grave to harass his killers but revealed himself to his disciples thereby teaching Christians that it is not those who killed them, who slandered them, or those who backbite, those who envy them, or does not wish them well, should be recompensed. The ebullient preacher submitted that Jesus Christ after his resurrection, concentrated on his disciples and assured them that he is alive so that they can be witnesses thereby given them a parting plan to priests and the whole world to show that their calling is real. The preacher who gave a thorough exposition of the background of Jesus to the Gospel called on the congregation of people from all walks of life to be witnesses of Jesus by coming out to exhibit what they have seen, heard and experienced. He said by Jesus’s example the people are in the dock whether politicians, trader, business people, whatever they are because the world will examine them, their wives, children will cross examine them, adding that they cannot negotiate daily pastoral work, devotion and relationship with God because all other relationships rests on him and the Laws of Moses must be fulfilled.He therefore urged them all to seek justice, and not substitute life for justice, and preach the gospel everywhere, in their places of work, their homes and outside.