If You Must Die, Don’t Die For Nothing – Archbishop George Lasebikan.

“The church of God is being violated, all sorts of funny things are creeping into the church like struggling for power, money, position, taking titles of unnecessary values and God is not happy with his church hence he doesn’t answer prayers of sinners” The newly installed Archbishop of Ondo province, church of Nigeria Anglican Communion the most Rev George Lasebikan made this submission at the order of the ceremonial for his presentation as the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical province of Ondo at the Cathedral church of St. Stephen, Ondo, Ondo state. He said if God would deliver this nation, her people must first repent and turn away from their wickedness particularly at this time of Boko Haram. In his view, the new Archbishop of Ondo province said power belongs to God and that is why people in position of authority misuse power and have not been able to overcome Boko Haram because the power that lasts forever belongs to God; adding that if the church of God can pray through, aggressively without ceasing Boko Haram would shut up. The erudite scholar and Bishop called on Christians not to live a wasted life so that they would not die for nothing without Jesus. He said many have died like cockroach for nothing because they did not die in Christ. Citing example of those who died for nothing, he said all those bombed by Boko haram without any preparation, death came suddenly and there was no time for repentance, and if they have never repented before then they are hell bound. Archbishop Lasebikan reiterated the fact that there is heaven and there is hell and it is the duty of the church to sensitize the flock on daily basis on ways to seek a better relationship with God. According to him, the enemy is watching the priest, hence the bishop has signed a death warrant. He said Christians should not chicken out when they hear the word death, he said they will not die but they should prepare for it, so that if it happens they will be happy to meet Jesus. He added that when people have Jesus they do not die but live forever. He called on the church not to dissipate too much energy on the prosperity message but to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness for everything to be added. He asked the church to proclaim the untainted truth of the gospel. Dr. Lasebikan opined that the greatest insurance is to have Jesus, to know him, to serve him with all power, might, and resources, have knowledge of Jesus for salvation to be sure and true. He thanked the primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion for his vision and the running of same with pragmatic zeal to move the communion forward.The cleric gave kudos to the people of Ondo diocese for the yeoman’s job done since 1998 when he became the bishop and now. The Most Rev. George Lasebikan was ordained deacon in 1984, preferred Canon in 1992, Archdeacon in 1995 and was consecrated the 6th Bishop of Ondo diocese in 1998, and 2nd Archbishop of Ondo province on Sunday June 24, 2012 at Stephen’s Cathedral Ondo. Archbishop Lasebikan is happily married to Mrs. Esther Oyinlola Lasebikan. They are blessed with four children. People from all walks of live including bishops, retired and serving, archbishops, members of the clergy and laity, the governor of Ondo state Olusegun Mimiko and his wife, Deputy Speaker House of Representatives, members of house of Assembly, Obas, chiefs and well wishers graced the occasion at the glorious service.