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Holiness – The Only Panacea To Nigeria’s Myriads Of Problems – Rt. Rev Prof Nkwoka.

The only PANACEA to the myriads of problems besetting the 21st century where morality is at its peak, revisionist Agenda, and monitised religious activities thrive, isHoliness because God does not joke with His Holiness for without it no one can see him.

The Rt. Rev. Professor Anthony Nkwoka, Bishop, Missionary Diocese of Niger West Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion gave this advice at the annual Bishops retreatat the IBRU international Ecumenical Center in Agbarha-otor in Ughelli North local government area of Delta state.

He said as priests in Episcopacy and anointed with peculiar anointing oil which any other person is forbidden to use consecrated and quarantined bishops should set to work and perform well for the glory of God to come down and supernatural fire like that of Elijah to witness their services.

His Lordship expatiated in a careful study many revelation in the ministries of Aron and Moses the 21st century as ambassadors in the Anglican church ,reminded them that it is God who calls and should leave him to equip direct and make them epitome of dignity, justice and reverence.

He admonished his follow bishop, not be like soul who was distracted by the glittering thing of the world but to be determined like Paul in all situations, to fulfill the ministry they have received from the Lord Jesus Christ ,to testify to the grace of God.

The erudite biblical scholar said they will surely step on toes but like Jesus said they cannot please the world.

He recalled that john the Baptist who lived an acetic life was called a crazy religious fanatic, which Jesus Christ came and socialized with people was called a glutton, a drunkard, and friend of sinners.

In admonishing his lordships, the Rt. Rev Nkwoka assured them of bashing left, right and center because uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

He said people will hate, criticize and fight them in this world of conscientious iniquity but added that they should remember that the sole purpose of Jesus incarnation is to save and that what matters in the end is the number of people they present to God from their dioceses and not the structures; professor Nkowka warned that they should not allow influential people cause them to do evil adding that they should know the God they are serving and should not compromise like Aaron did.

He we down memory lane and catalogued how people died as a result of attacks on anointed servants of God thereby warring the congregation to avoid ganging up against their bishops, the anointed of God.

He prayed that their ministries as generals of the church ministries and of the commanding officer of the gods salvation army will end up well as they wonderfully serve the people in their diocese and the nation as a whole and at the end receive the grown of glory.