God Is Available To Those Who Diligently Serve Him – Archbishop Akanya

Bishop Akanya“If you have God as your father, you don’t need a God father.”

The Most Rev. Edmund Akanya, Archbishop of Kaduna Province and Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Kebbi made this assertion at the Abuja diocese monthly power night which took place at the Basilica of Grace Gudu, Apo Abuja. He said that Christians need not depend on what is popularly known as “long leg” to solve their problems because they have a God who is more than able, adding that with Jesus as a friend all the challenges of life are surmountable.

Speaking on the topic, “Loose him and let him go”, the Archbishop stated that the one who looses and breaks every yoke is Jesus Christ. According to him, when a man encounters Jesus in His true strength, such a person receives the power to live above the bondage of sin, Satan and the power of darkness. He asked the congregation to look at this topic within the context of the Bible passage in which it was written, so as to fully understand what had taken place that day. Therefore, the Bishop drew the people’s attention to the story of Lazarus as read from the gospel of St. John chapter 11 verse 38, stating emphatically the relationship between Jesus and Lazarus’ family. He pointed out that it was this relationship and believe in Jesus that brought this miracle to their home.

Archbishop Akanya debunked the impression that anything negative that happens to a Christian is from the devil adding that it is a false gospel. Quoting from the Scriptures, he said that Jesus Christ told the people that Lazarus’ illness was for the glory of God; hence he added that it is possible that challenges come so that the glory of God will be revealed. Therefore, he charged the people to stop going from one Church to the other and being deceived by individuals who claim that every bad situation is the handwork of their enemies. The Cleric explained that Mary and Martha did not send for a medical doctor when Lazarus was sick but rather they called on the one whom they knew to be the master of circumstances and situations. With Jesus all things are possible, he added.

The Bishop of Kebbi said that to see the manifestations of the power of God, believers must be serious in their relationship with God. He further stated that it is not just about coming to Church every day or one leg in the Church and one leg in the world but rather, being born again and living for God. Archbishop Akanya mentioned that some Christians deny Jesus in their offices and then attend programmes such as this for breakthrough in their circumstances adding that they want Jesus to do miracles for them when they themselves are not miracles to others. He added that miracles will happen, but one must first understand the God of miracles to receive it like Lazarus Sisters did.

He continued on the issue of miracles and pointed out that it is not about religion or denomination. Citing himself as an example, the Bishop said that he is a fourth generation Anglican of his family, born and schooled in the Anglican Communion yet he knows that it is the believe in Jesus Christ that saves and brings about miracles, not denomination. He noted that many Anglicans think that what is happening in certain Churches cannot happen in their own Church hence they run from one place to the other seeking deliverance. According to him, nobody has the monopoly of God; He is available to those who are available for Him. Therefore, he called on them to stop running and live for Jesus in order to experience His power in their life.

Most Rev. Edmund Akanya said that delay is not denial because God has timing for every action hence he asked them not to be in a hurry without understanding God’s plan for their lives. However, he prayed that God would deliver those present at the vigil so that they too might believe and stand in the faith. This is the kind of prayer, he said that Jesus prayed to the Father when He stood in front of Lazarus’ tomb pointing out that miracles are to the glory of God and not to the lifting of any man.

The power night was packed full with believers who had come with expectations in their heart and prayer requests to be made to God. Highpoint of the vigil was the altar call which was made by the Guest minister, Most Rev. Edmund Akanya wherein a lot of souls were won for the Lord.

By Ngozi Maduoma