God, All Knowing Miraculous Wondrous Worker – Archbishop Okoh.

God has been described as the all-knowing, miraculous, wondrous worker that cannot be judged with people’s small understanding and cannot be investigated. The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion the Most Rev Nicholas .D. Okoh gave this deep description in his sermon at the Cathedral church of the Advent, Life- camp Abuja speaking on the topic, “This same God”, Archbishop Okoh said God controls both the physical world of science, objects and the invisible world. According to him God accounts for the events in the universe, miracles, blessings, deliverance and certain things that people cannot understand to happen, hence he cannot be understood completely. The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria said if Christians want to follow God, they must make allowance for the ignorance for it is only God that knows everything. He preached patience as the only solution where a situation is complicated, adding that today’s Christian, this new generation has turned God to God of financial breakthrough in all church programs. He said the virtues of patience cannot be dispensed with, so also is the power of prayer, pastoral counseling and solid faith which he says is available in the church. He said that it is the essential responsibility of the clergy to pray and restore the congregation to the comforts of the Holy Spirit. God he said has plan of welfare for his own because he said God is the source of Joy, peace and the supreme over creation whether black white or yellow.