Enemies Have Taken Over But Power Will Change Hands – Archbishop Lasebikan

“In a time when our nation stands in danger of terrorism and several ongoing wars like corruption, that comes like waves beating hard and sweeping away every value that makes us a nation to be cherished, God is the refuge, the strength and very present help in trouble.” Most Rev George Lasebikan elected Archbishop of Ondo province said this at the grand finale of the 2nd session of the 8th Synod thanksgiving service of diocese of Abuja Anglican Communion held at the St James’ church Asokoro, Abuja. Dr Lasebikan opined that the times are bad because ethnicity, tribalism has crept into every fabric of the nation, that excellence has given way to mediocrity which has blinded the eyes of so many, and of course wickedness, vices are everywhere. The erudite scholar, said life is no longer safe anywhere in any part of the country because of bombings and killings, the situation he added is so complex that everyone stands in need of refuge and help, which is God. Bishop Lasebikan is of the opinion that God is the only helper who can handle the affairs of the nation and he is able to handle all the troubles Nigerians are passing through and give them victory. In his view, to enjoy the refuge and protection of God one must be inside him to make progress. He said the security of this nation is porous and lives are in danger to the extent that nations are skeptical to invest, hence the economy is going down. Archbishop Lasebikan said however that the good news is that even though man can die, God can never die. He said the leaders of the world may have military men but God has an angelic host that is working, once individual lives are surrendered to Jesus Christ, and he will stay permanently and not forsake them. He insisted that it is fundamental that the citizenry challenge themselves with the truth that though there may be crisis in Nigeria, God is bigger than the crisis, it is not time to fear because they will overcome. According to the cleric there are many calamities facing the Nigerian nation, power failure, generators everywhere, oil subsidy that cannot be accounted for, hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates but he said that even with the calamities God will make a way for his people. Bishop Lasebikan said Nigeria is not alone because the whole world is upside down, with global economic collapse, there is recession everywhere; all is bad news, no good news. He said although enemies have taken over, power will eventually change hands.

By Foluso Taiwo