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Christianity In Nigeria Under Attack

Christianity in Nigeria is under attack and Christians must work out a fitting response to the violent threat against the Faith’’, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Primate Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) warned on Monday in Abuja. Welcoming delegates to the 2012 Divine Commonwealth Conference (DIVCCON) in Abuja, Archbishop Okoh said: “The Christian Faith is seriously under attack in Nigeria from two directions, from without and from within.” The theme of the 5-day conference at the National Christian Centre in Abuja is “Contending for the Faith.’’ Jude vs 3. The Primate told conference participants that the Church was concerned about the violent expressions of Islam represented by Boko Haram. “In some parts of the North, the Christian Faith is an endangered specie: Boko Haram is not just against Christians, but has stated emphatically that it wants the Christian Faith rooted out of the North. “This is the idea behind the bombing, shooting, slaughtering and maiming it has been executing. “As a result of the violence, many Christians have become intimidated and have to relocate to safer places. Our dioceses in Maiduguri, Damaturu, Kano, Bauchi, Yola, Zaria, Jos, etc are now drastically depopulated Archbishop Okoh said the Church in Nigeria has also come under attack from the threat of African Traditional Religion, espoused in “its various expressions in cults.’’ “This is a threat in two ways: outright violent confrontations as in the examples of Afikpo Diocese, Diocese on the Coast, Western Izon. “The other threat is more subtle, presenting paganism as culture and tradition, with many ignorant Christians swallowing it hook, line and sinker! thus promoting a syncretistic faith.’’ The Primate identified “disunity among Christians’’ as the main threat from “within’’ the Church, adding that this trend had exposed the Church to so many disadvantages. “There is scarcely a common understanding of how to begin to approach the advance of violent Islam – some canvas fire for fire approach. “Others believe that good Christians must continue praying and even try to preach to the Muslims to change them; meanwhile, the killing and Muslim advance continue unchecked. “In between the two extremes are those who believe in dialogue and seminars. “Unfortunately Boko Haram is a faceless mafia, which makes this

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