Church of Nigeria

Corruption The Bane Of The Nigerian Nation – Bishop Musa

The Rt. Rev. Joseph Musa, Bishop of Idah Diocese has pronounced “dead” any Christian who commits sin with impunity while he lives. He made this pronouncement during the second session of the third synod which took place at St. Paul Anglican Church Ankpa, Kogi State. He further explained that though such a person may claim to be a Christian, saying all the right words and cleverly acting the part; and may go through all the emotions- shout, sing, worship and dance, but the person underneath remains a “dead” man. He cited Nigeria as a picture of a nation that have Christians whose consciences are dead as a result of their evil living, hence the increase in the rate of corruption going on in the executive, legislature and judiciary and in the public service. The Cleric was of the view that a country where one man can siphon billions of Naira meant for pensioners from government coffers and keep in his house for his personal use without being prosecuted has made the nation a laughing stock. The Bishop also wondered aloud at the kind of society where certain human beings go to where people are worshipping their God to kill them and still take pride in their action, with no one daring to touch them because they are a cabal. He said that this has made believers to live in fear and persecution in some parts of the country. He opined that Christians are relegated and frustrated and appear hopeless and dejected as if it is a crime to follow Christ. According to him, they go to Church on Sunday or for fellowship during week days without being sure if they will come back alive. Bishop Musa therefore questioned whether it is the collective sins of the Christians and non-Christians in Nigeria that have placed the nation in what he termed as the ‘valley of dry bones.’ The Bishop of Idah concluded by explaining that dry bones in the valley symbolized a place of decay, deadness, destitution, destiny termination, shattered dreams, scattered life, sorrows and hopelessness. But most importantly, he emphasized that no matter how dry a place is at the moment, God is the one who gives life and therefore he can cause these bones to live once more.