Compromise And Conformity With The World, The Bane Of The Church – Archbishop Imaekhai

“The troubles of the Anglican Communion today flows from the Western rejection of the uniqueness and sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ as the one who is heir and therefore owner of all things.”

This was the submission of the Most Rev. Friday Imaekhai, Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bendel and Bishop of Esan Anglican diocese during the Holy Eucharist service held at this year’s Standing Committee meeting in the Cathedral of St. James the Great, Okebola Ibadan, Oyo State. He explained that this has opened the door to a blatant rejection of Biblical teaching and morality which has triggered off the current crisis of the acceptance of same sex marriage by the western arm of the Communion. The Archbishop described this action as an example of bearing false witness against God who in actual fact does not support same sex relationship.

Archbishop Imaekhai who spoke on the theme for the Standing Committee meeting, ‘Thou shall not bear false witness’ noted that the theme is very apt considering the current state of the Church and nation. According to him, the Judiciary which is the hope of the common man has failed overtime in the maintenance of justice and equity; thus incessant crisis, violence and reaction of the masses.  Also, he added that the Church which ought to be the last bus stop when in search for truth has failed woefully because of its compromise and conformity with the world. Hence, he emphasized that as God’s witnesses to the world, the Church must arise and stand for the truth.

Quoting copiously from the Scriptures, the Cleric pointed out that false witnessing was also seen in the early Church and were called heresies. However, he stated that in the contemporary Christian world bearing of false witness can be summarized as thus; false witnesses to the authentic gospel of Christ such as the current issue of human sexuality, materialism that is often preached, and Jesus Christ being seen as one of the ways and not the only way to salvation. Archbishop Imaekhai said that though deception has become a common phenomenon, God’s people are expected not to be part of it. He therefore charged the Church to speak the truth and not deceive others by their silence and lies, for according to him, God will judge all who do this.

The Most Rev. Friday Imaekhai ended his sermon with a reminder to Christians that they are called to bear effective witness to the truth of the gospel of Christ.