Christians Operating Under Curses – Bishop Olusola

Bishop Olushola“The Church of God is losing potential because a lot of Christians are operating under curses that have made them become “leprous” before God.”

The Bishop of Ijesa North-East Anglican diocese, the Rt. Rev. Joseph Olusola made this observation during the monthly power night of the Abuja diocese which was held at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Gwarimpa Abuja. He further stated that this “leprosy” has led Christians to struggle so much, and yet nothing seems to work adding that everything that exists was created by the word of God and therefore, whatever is dead or lacking in their life can be brought back to life by God’s word.

Speaking on the topic, “If you will, you can make me whole”, as cited in the story of the leper who approached Jesus for healing, the Cleric said that the day the man met with Jesus, his name, story and everything about him changed; further declaring that the same will be so for anyone who turns to Jesus today. He explained that the statement made by the leper did not connote that Jesus could not heal him, but rather that he understood that Christ could heal him if He wants to. He pointed out that the man stepped out in faith regardless of what he was called by men because he knew that at the word of Jesus, he would be healed. Therefore, the Bishop called on all present and in need of restoration to reach out in faith to God without shame or fear of rejection.

He described the disease called leprosy as a skin ailment that is contagious and a virus that eats up the skin until it destroys the body by making it insensitive to the sense of touch. And that, he said is the disease that has been eating up the Church and making her no longer sensitive to the things of the Spirit. He quoted from the Bible and cited that God is looking for a Church without spot or wrinkle. Thus, he charged the congregation to seek healing from everything that is a hindrance to their relationship with God.

Bishop Olusola recognized that there were many who might be well dressed and seated in the Church as though all was well in their lives, but underneath it all they are in burdensome situations. Hence, he emphasized that there are a lot of things that people cover up that set them apart and away from the presence of God. He defined the word, “leprosy” as anything that separates an individual from God. Therefore, he said that cultists, armed robbers, drug addicts, liars, thieves and the likes are outcasts of the kingdom of God; that is they have no membership or rights in the Church of God.

He said that some believers act as though they are the most religious on earth even though that deep down they know those secret sins that make them outcasts before God. The guest preacher pointed out that the Anglican Communion is waiting for those who would be cleansed and has therefore organized this vigil with this theme to prepare a new army for the second quarter of this year; so that no one would end 2013 the way they started it. The Bishop of Ijesa North-East concluded his message by stating that Jesus will heal any who come to Him because it fulfills His prophetic ministry, He is a compassionate God who wants to show mercy to this generation, to prove that God has sent Him to this world and to destroy the works of the devil. He further revealed that the Bible is the believer’s authority for seeking their deliverance but according to him, it is unfortunate that a lot of Christians would rather believe the medical report over the word of God.

The highpoint of the event was the prayer and deliverance session that took place after the message; many gave their lives to Christ, some were healed and set free.

By Ven. Foluso Taiwo