Boko Haram- Religion Not The Cause But Power Struggle, Corruption And Injustice – Archbishop Okoh

The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Rev Nicholas Okoh has called on all Nigerians to join hands together and rescue the country from death because according to him if there is no Nigeria, there can be no political party, no politician, hence there must be unity of purpose before the nation can move forward with politics. Archbishop Okoh made the call during his visit to the Abuja office of This Day newspaper devastated by the Boko Haram suicide bomber late last April. He said the incident is indescribable, the whole mess is like an earthquake and no amount of sorry can bring back the property, and the lives lost cannot be recovered. While sympathizing with the management of This Day newspaper, the head of the Anglican church in Nigeria said if the government, the governors, political leaders and traditional leaders and everybody in this country can jointly and collaboratively sit down, discuss, and make arrangements as to how to solve this problem, the better it is for Nigeria. Answering questions from reporter’s Primate Okoh said this ugly trend is not a church matter and the church should not be expected to provide solutions. According to the cleric, the government is responsible for the security of this nation, because the church has no police, no SSS, no CID, hence everything should land at the feet of the government adding that the church, as part of the civil society does not have the where with all to prosecute a war of this nature. He therefore called on the government to wade into this matter fully with the resources at her disposal and rescue the situation by doing what he ought to do on behalf of the society. On the role of corruption in this imbroglio he said corruption has reduced everybody to a cynic, nobody trusts anybody again in this country. According to him a lot of people have been arrested but there is no logical conclusions of the process of justice, so corruption is actually making people hopeless and making them to doubt the government, doubt the families and doubt everybody. This he said has undermined trust in the country because corruption is ruling everywhere but Archbishop Okoh said it is not corruption that will make man take the decision to cause havoc. He said there is poverty and corruption all over the world and they are not killing themselves like we have in Nigeria. Archbishop Okoh said to take a decision to manufacture bombs and explode it at the cost of a suicide bombers life, is not corruption, unemployment or poverty, adding that there is more to it than meets the eye, there is something more sinister underneath. On whether the struggle for power has something to do with it, the Primate said power, struggle, is not unconnected with this because it is only power that can make somebody to say it is a do or die affair. He said it is not surprising therefore that people are assassinating themselves in Edo state. On the reading of the religious impression to the present impasse, Archbishop Okoh said it is unfortunate that such an impression is being created because according to him it is not every Muslim that supports what is happening, nor is it the Christians. He said the owner of This Day newspaper may be a Christian but the problem is not that the Christians are against the Muslims. He opined that religious leaders are not quarrelling adding that the Muslim leaders in Nigeria have said that the Boko Haram people are not part and parcel of Islam, at least, mainstream of Islam. Boko Haram he said has their own agenda and they are bringing Islam and the church to it. He urged everybody to come together, political, religious levels, even the judiciary, talk together because the crisis is a threat to the national unity hence everybody must talk together, with the masses of the people, Muslims and Christians uniting.

By Foluso Taiwo