Abuja Synod 2013 – Totality Of Man Belongs To God – Bishop Lamido

The Rt. Rev. A. B. Lamido, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Wusasa has stated that everybody is responsible to God, and be faithful no matter who they are; whether rich or poor. He made this statement during the 3rd Session of the Eighth Synod of the Diocese of Abuja which took place at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Maitama. He added that whether or not a person has been called as a Minister of God’s truth, all are servants of God and are expected to be accountable adding that as servants, all that they have belong to Him.

Speaking on the Synod theme, ‘The Christian Stewardship’, the Cleric explained that the word, ‘stewardship’ in the New Testament is got from the Greek word, oikonomos which means ‘Economy’ connotes that such a person is an administrator of the affairs and possession of another. In other words, he said as Christians, they have been entrusted with the things they call their own but in the real sense it is not really theirs but God’s. According to him, the people own no possessions, not even themselves which he quoted from the Scripture as having been bought with a price. He opined that one could act justly and be fully accountable to the master as did Joseph in the Bible or as unjust as Christ’s parable of the Steward who squandered his master’s possession.

He corrected the erroneous impression that only a percentage of an individual’s possession belongs to God stating that, if God gives them everything then everything belongs to Him, and if He is their master then all they have is ultimately owned by Him. Bishop Lamido enjoined all to resist the temptation to compare themselves to other individuals, because all have been given something unique by God and what is most important to God is faithfulness in what He has given and what He has called them to do adding that it is required that a steward is found trustworthy.

Quoting profusely from the Scriptures, the Bishop pointed out that although the immediate context of this message concerns Ministers of God, it is important to understand that the foundational principles for stewardship in the text has an application to each and every one of them as servants of the Lord. The Cleric listed out four basic principles of stewardship which includes the fact that God owns all things and therefore believers are expected to manage what God has entrusted to them as He would have them manage it. Secondly, he mentioned that stewardship is a sacred trust which all Christians should respect, and every believer has the responsibility to administer all the resources that God has given according to the will of God, pointing out that everyone will give account of himself or herself to God.

The Bishop of Wusasa diocese spoke briefly on the stewardship of time, talent and possession. On time, he said that each of us has been given enough time to accomplish God’s purpose on earth, noting that many waste a lot of their time doing nothing. He called on the congregation to note that like other aspects, time is owned by God and one must be sensitive to opportunities so that we can make the most of it. Time, he said, is the most valuable asset but without a proper perspective it will be used foolishly. Bishop Lamido called on all and sundry to use their talents by being involved in doing things for God adding that time has passed when people will decide to be just bench warmers in the Church. In conclusion, Bishop of Wusasa said that the way people use money should be a true measure of their commitment to Christ; clarifying that God wants to use individuals whether they are rich or poor.

Highpoints of the grand finale was the general thanksgiving by the seven Archdeaconries of the diocese. On a sad note however, the Primate of all Nigeria, the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh commiserated with the family of one of the delegates to the synod, 56 year old Otunba Lanre Soyebo who slumped and died after a bout of cardiac arrest, shortly after the proceedings of Saturday synod session. He paid glowing tribute to the deceased who he described as a zealous and pragmatic worker for Christ. He prayed that God will grant the family the grace to accept what they cannot change.

By Ngozi Maduoma