Church of Nigeria

The Church Of God Is No Man’s Property– Bishop Agbo

The Bishop of Nsukka diocese, Rt. Rev. Aloysius E. Agbo has corrected the impression that the Church is owned by a single individual. He made this correction during the first session of the seventh synod held at St. Luke’s Anglican Church Amufie, Enugu State. According to the Bishop, a lot of individuals who have been used by God to build or support the Church in one way or the other erroneously begin to think that they are owners of the Church adding that some even dabble into all sorts of partisan politics in the Church of God and go as far as dictating for the leadership what must happen in the Church- even when they have no spiritual or moral place in Christ. In his charge, he asked the congregation to note that Christians were not called into a work that has not the hand or heart of the Master; rather Christ, who is the owner of the Church, has given them this gracious opportunity to partner with Him. Bishop Agbo further warned that whether individuals make themselves available or not, God, the Owner and Foundation of the Church, knows how to recruit willing and capable workers into His work and He is personally committed to their labour of love for Him. And therefore he said every believer is useful in the building but no one is indispensable. Emphatically, he asserted that the Church to which Christ referred to in the Scriptures, is His Body – made up of believers and not a denomination or a section of a religious group. The Bishop further explained that these diversities are intended to teach us divine organogram of inter-dependence, and not generate rivalry and sectionalism. Also he said, “….The Church is not to abandon earthly relationships and responsibilities but to transform these by their regenerated lives.” Bishop Agbo concluded with an encouragement to the Church, that in the midst of sin and decay, bloody attacks on the Christian faithful, Boko haram and suicide bombing of Churches – God has said, “I will build my Church”; and that is a faithful promise of a faithful Master. Hence, he stated that all hands must be on deck – men and women who have been endowed with divine gifts should arise and make themselves available for the Master’s use. The Cleric who spoke on the theme “I will build my Church” said the Church is indestructible adding that the combined forces of the powers of darkness and government of hell cannot prevail against a Church built by Christ. He called on all Christians to dissipate their energies to make the Church grow qualitatively and in good health bringing souls into the Kingdom of God.